Pre-Cleaning Instructions

Prior to our appointment, please remove all small items, plants and breakables as this makes our work go much smoother and with less chance of damaging anything important to you. We do try our best to be very careful, and fortunately have had very few mishaps. This would help us keep up our good track record.

It would really help if you could move your vehicles near the access to your home just prior to our arrival time. We typically need both cars moved out of the way to ensure we have room on the concrete so as to not track in dirt, grass or mud. Keep in mind we work out of the side of the van too. If you need to leave before cleaning is complete, please pull out your vehicles prior to us setting up all of our equipment and hoses. That way we won’t be in your way and hold you up from leaving. Also, try to schedule your grass fertilizing to be done after your cleaning appointment.

Please make sure small kids and pets are in a safe place or are being watched closely. We have spotting products and a powerful vacuum hose that could potentially harm someone if not careful. While we always look out for others’ safety, we are focused on the job at hand. Your understanding of this would be appreciated. Please tell everyone in your home to walk carefully from wet carpet to the hard surfaces so they don’t slip and fall!!

As with anytime you have workers in your home, it’s a good idea to safely store away any valuable items. In the past other companies have been accused of taking items, only for the customer to find them misplaced later. In doing so, you greatly reduce the chance of this happening. We want your experience to be as pleasant as possible.

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