Carpet Myths Busted

Many people think that once a new carpet is cleaned, it will re-soil faster. This is only true if the carpet is not cleaned properly. If detergent residue is left behind, it will re-soil faster, however if it is cleaned properly the detergent residues will be neutralized and extracted using pure water and a rinsing agent, so the carpet is not left with a sticky residue to attract soil.

Have you ever sprayed a spotter onto a carpet? If you were lucky enough for it to remove the spot, did you happen to notice that after a bit of time and some foot traffic that it had resoiled there? That’s because the detergent residue that was left in the carpet attracted more soil from foot traffic. Ideally, it needs to be rinsed and neutralized.

A huge carpet myth that is passed on as common knowledge by well meaning people and many doctors and allergists is that if you suffer from allergies such as pollen, dust mites, airborne mold, pet dander etc. is that you should remove all of your carpeting. This is just plain wrong, wrong and wrong again! It has been proven over and over again that a house that has wall to wall carpet that is mantained regularly by a knowledgable cleaner has LESS dust and debris floating around in the air than just hard surface floors alone. People have been led to believe that the carpet is causing the problem.

Actually the carpet is like a giant fuzzy filter and it’s trapping all of this gunk that’s circulating in the air and it needs to be vacuumed regularly using a fine filter or bag (HEPA is best) and it needs to be STEAM CLEANED ideally once a year, or every 6 months if you have kids, pets or smoke or heavily used rooms.

The only way the carpet could actually be the problem is if you have an extreme chemical sensitivity to glues, perfumes, colognes and dyes, etc. and typically it would be worse with brand new carpeting. Even new cabinets, furniture cushions, particle board, finished wood floors and flooring laminates contain chemicals, glues and formaldehydes that can offgass for years. You like that new car smell? It’s the offgassing of chemicals. You might want to crack the windows to let that escape.

The only other way carpet could be the cause would be if it was contaminated with something that cannot be cleaned out such as a toxic substance, pesticides, raw sewage or wet from water and not dried properly and their was mold growth, etc.

There are other studys that show more benefits to having wall to wall carpeting. How about a 20% savings on your heating and cooling bills! Not bad. Also, a substantially quieter home, more privacy and less thumping and echoing- especially if you have kids and pets running around.

How about the safety factor for babies, toddlers, kids and older folks? Carpet is less slippery if someone spills a glass of water. If a toddler falls and hits his head or face on the floor, would you want carpet and padding- or hardwood, ceramic tile or stone? What about carpeted steps? My mom fell down a half flight at 78 and thank God she was ok! It’s something to think about.

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